Whether it’s the official video for a school event or an aesthetic documentation of a carefree day at the beach, Tom is the 16-year-old behind the lens. Here’s the story behind his passion for film.

Why do you film? Tell us a bit about how you got started!

Sure. Filming, to me, is to turn what I see through the camera lens into something people enjoy watching. My perspective and everything that influences my mood in the moment come through.

I started filming and editing when I used to skateboard and all my mates used to make little movies of just stunts and tricks, so I was influenced by them and loved it from there. The thing I love most about filming is the satisfaction and excitement I get from the final product.

Where do you find inspiration?

For my most recent films ‘Alive' and 'Closer', I was inspired by the beauty of the ocean. Others have been for a school sporting event.

Biggest difficulty of this newfound passion?

Probably having to go through hundreds of clips and deleting bad shots, trimming clips etc. That is always a hassle and take hours but it’s just one of those things you have to do.

It would be good if the subject selection at school included film or photography, but I've learnt to just do it myself.

Capture your film in three words?

Motivation, inspiration, emotion.

How does film fit into the rest of your life?

I never really need to choose between filming and something else. It’s something that naturally happens whenever I see something meaningful and worth filming. I just pick up my camera and away I go.

What do your friends think about your films?

They love them! Always excited to hear their feedback on it.

Thoughts on getting Youtube famous?

Yes that would be the dream. I find youtube, facebook, instagram etc all perfect ways to spread my work across the world.

I watched a few videos on your channel and they all look very very professional, do you see yourself pursuing this after school in any way?

I’d love too. It’s all I want to do in the future. Not a fan of a job behind a desk all day. I want to be free and outside capturing the the things I love best. The amazing thing about having this as a future job, is I would still be filming and making videos even if I wasn't getting paid.

Something, anything, you want to say to your 12 year old self:

Ignore what others think or say. Do exactly what makes you happy.

Thanks very much!

Of course!

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