Inspiring, Passionate and successful, Tamara Valentine is not yet finished school and is already working with one of Australia’s Top Modelling agencies. The seventeen year old Chadwick Model has had a very early start to a prosperous career, which she is currently juggling alongside her HSC.

So, to get to know you a little, what's something quirky about you?

Honestly I have no idea hahah, I'm a pretty avid sports player

Ahahahaha, who inspires you most and why?

I love Michelle Obama, I think she's a really good role model to all people, especially women, and she is a perfect example of a really strong leader who is also really kind and smart, even in the face of adversity.

She is incredible!! Definitely one of my role models! So, how did you become part of the modelling industry?

Well, I was just shopping with some friends and a woman (who is now one of my agents) came up to me and she ended up getting me to go into the agency with my mum for an interview a few weeks later and then they signed me! So it was pretty out of the blue and unexpected

Thats amazing! How old were you?

I think I was about 14 at the time and then started working (or modelling) at 15 or almost 16

So what would an average working day look like for you?

Well the way the modelling industry works is you go to castings (auditions) for whatever job e.g editorial, runway or commercial and audition amongst lots of other people and then you get notified if you get the job or not! Sometimes it can be really exhausting I've had to have multiple castings in the same day all around Sydney etc. And then each job differs so much it's hard to put it down to a general routine

That must get pretty hectic!! What is your ultimate goal in your modelling career?

probably just to do whatever comes my way and not get too focused or hung up on "becoming big." Not that I wouldn't want that hahah. It would be such an honour to work in some really high fashion brands like Chanel or do some really cool campaigns with some big name brands, But currently I'm just focusing on trying to make it through year 12 hahaha

Fair enough!! Have you worked with many different agencies? How do they compare to each other?

Well I'm currently only signed to one agency here in Sydney so they do all the admin stuff for me. And because of school I haven't really had the opportunity to travel overseas to be signed in say Paris etc

Working in Paris would be absolutely incredible!! What's the most challenging part of juggling the HSC, your career and the rest of your life?

Yeah Paris is also one of my goals haha! I guess the most challenging part is time. Going to castings and jobs take up a huge amount of time and you also have to be very flexible with your life and jobs and castings since they are a one time opportunity type thing, for example I have a job next week which will take up the whole day so it's also hard trying to catch up on school work when you do take the offer for jobs

So, do you find the pressure confronting? Whats your best way to manage stress?

Most of the time I just like to keep calm, I'm a pretty logical thinker so I don't usually let stress get to me, but I try to manage my time and leave some time for me to relax

Thats a great quality to have!! Do you have career aspirations past the modelling industry? When do you think your career focus might start changing?

Well I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet, but I definitely want to go to uni so I can have a variety of career options later down the track. I quiet enjoy science and maths, so ,probably something in that area.

Maths and Science are my favourites too! What do you think is the most deceiving stereotype associated with modelling?

I think the most deceiving stereotype is probably that models are dumb or not smart hahah because all the models I know go to uni and are also the kindest people I know. And also that modelling is easy (which it isn't always.) I think people only see the glamorous side of things. But where it might not be particularly hard on the mind in terms of solving problems etc it can be very psychically taxing such as being on shoots for hours and having to walk and spend hours standing around in heels and rehearsing.

I completely agree, the glamorous side of it is very much the focus of the what people see! What would your number one tip be for young girls in regards to body image and modelling?

I think that the modelling industry can be quite harsh especially in regards to body image but there are many people in the industry changing that, such as Ashley Graham and no change comes without more and more people joining in. So I think that all body types should be represented equally and celebrated so, those who are naturally more skinny and those who have a larger build. I think that as long as you are healthy then it doesn't matter what size you are. I always tell myself to stay true to myself and certainly don't feel like you have to look like someone else or conform to a specific body type to be happy. Every body type should be celebrated and I hope to see a more diverse range of body types being celebrated and not critiqued in the industry, media, or society.

I couldn't agree more!! So, how competitive is the industry and in what ways is the modelling community tighter than it seems from the outside?

Well I guess I get to know a lot of people, especially from my agency, really well and I've done many jobs with the same people. I think the industry is quite tight, since all the models have experienced the same sort of things, and we all know what to expect so it makes it easier for us all to get along. But in saying that, there are so many models out there competing for, say, one job and that's why it's so hard.

I honestly have learnt so much from you about the industry!! Thank you so much for your time, it has been an absolute pleasure!

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