18yo star of the “Aussie Chuk-gu Dream” documentary about his soccer journey, Sunny has a – dare we say it – sunny future in soccer. More a doer than a talker, Sunny’s replies are humorous, simple yet moving. See for yourself in our conversation below, but here’re the 3 lessons we’ve summed up for you:

1) If something, be it a project or a cause or a discipline, has personal significance to you, dedicate yourself to it. Let your emotional commitment to it turn into an unwavering motivation to hustle.

2) Self-confidence is underrated. Have confidence in yourself especially when you have no confidence in the external situation.

3) Focus. Sunny’s a popular figure locally, he’s Googleable and has multiple news articles on him, but he cares about the “fame” and “success” attributed to him by others much less than the progress towards and fulfillment of his personal goal.

Whether or not the rest of us are into sports, there’s much to learn and take on here.

Hey Sunny, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with Woshi. Let's start with how you got into soccer!

Ahaha okay let's go. I first got into soccer because I got sick of playing golf with my dad.

Oh wow that's a casual start - flash forward to today, how much do you train?

I train with my club 3 times a week, then twice a week with my PT.


Personal trainer :)

Got it! That sounds like a lot of time...Do you like to do anything other than soccer in your free time?

Music! Listening to rnb and ballad. Table tennis. Fashion.

Great, definitely very relatable hobbies - what about school? You're in Year 12 now, is it hard balancing soccer with studies at all?

Hopefully if I get the marks I get into uni ahaha. And yeah it's hard to balance, but I prioritize soccer over studies.

Hmm...My friend showed me this picture - could you talk about this? It means "you are a soccer player forever" right?
Grandpa's card

My grandpa was my biggest supporter. Last ever card he gave me before he passed away.

Wow. Thank you for sharing...Do you feel like he's watching from above when you play?

Yeahhhh, when I score I dedicate to him.

Do you have memories of playing with him?

Not with him but, he used to always tell me what to do before the games, and correct me when I do something wrong during the game.

Do you have a set goal? Did he tell you to become something?

My goal is to become a professional soccer player. And to play overseas. I just regret not showing him when he was alive.

You're making him proud right now, for sure. Do you have anywhere specific you want to go to play?

I want to play in England! Been there twice and the weather is perfect for soccer.

Really with the rain?

I like playing when it's cold or raining - it's too hot in Australia when we play sport.

True. So when training ever got hard, did you ever think about quitting at some point? Even if just a fleeting thought?

Mmm not really because I have that goal and I know I can make it one day.

I believe that too. What motivates you on the field, other than your grandpa? Family? Friends? Adrenaline?

Hahaha all of that. Successful soccer players as well.

Who's your role model and why?

Ronaldo because he's the player I first looked up to when I was young. And I always wanted to copy him.

What about him did you like the most? And how did you copy him?

Hard work. Talent. Hair. Boots. I used to always watch his videos on Youtube and try copy the moves at the park. I always got the boots he wore.

Love it. On a more serious tone though - how do you feel about your current progress in soccer?

Well this year was more of a recovery year because of my knee.

Oh no what happened?

I tore my meniscus and MCL completely - got tackled.

(Just googled, MCL is Medical Collateral Ligament tear in the knee).

Could you not play for a while?
How'd you feel?

I was out for like 6-7 months. When I woke up from surgery I was full crying because I thought I couldn't play soccer again.

That's rough...You're back now, so your injury didn't make you consider other "safer" paths?

Nah I worked harder to get back into it. Physio, chiro, acupuncture. All helped me a lot.

This has been absolutely amazing. Continue working hard at it and we'll see you on the international screens one day! Good luck!

Thanks so much :)

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