He is the previous owner of one business called TeenAgency, and the current owner of another, Forever Forward.

TeenAgency was a middleman between high school students in his town looking for work, and families in his town who were in need of workers.

Forever Forward is a fitness apparel clothing company that also fundraises to provide underprivileged, inner city kids with sufficient clothing.

Congrats on recently being accepted into Brown! What's an interesting fact about you?

Forever Forward, my clothing company, got its first online order a few months after we started up. It was an order from a principal in Texas who was looking for customized shirts for their high school.
This was an amazing experience for me and my business partner because, for the first time, we were growing into a business which sold merchandise to people other than those who lived in the general area of our town.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

To me, an entrepreneur is truly anyone who is innovative and willing to take risks. While of course there is a difference between someone with a mere idea and someone who is actually willing to take action towards it, all great businesses start as an idea.
Therefore, I do consider myself an entrepreneur because over the past few years I have done everything in my power to turn my ideas – which I feel have potential – into realities.

From your two business experiences, what's the value of having a team?

So both of my businesses were founded with business partners.
As with any relationship, business or not, there are always disagreements. Having said that, I felt that my business partners were extremely helpful. Being able to approach problems that arise with a partner as opposed to on your own makes decision-making a little less stressful.
Having the right team for a business means having faith that everything that needs to get done will get done, and a trustworthy and hardworking team removes any stress about getting things done correctly and on time.

How did you learn all you needed to run a business?

I have been an owner of a business since the beginning of my freshmen year. Throughout the years I have done all in my power to absorb as much knowledge about the business world as possible on my own.
I have also sought advice from my parents, peers, and even teachers who I trust will provide me with useful suggestions and tips.

What's a challenge you're facing?

With Forever Forward, it’s trying to get rid of older merchandise (older designs).

Your solution?

We are trying to combat this obstacle by putting the older items on sale and trying to create more incentive to purchase those items.

Where do you see yourself and your business after university?

Ideally, I would like to see myself working at a technology startup.
I hope to find myself on the business side of a technology company, because while I love business, I also see technology as the key to success in the future; therefore, I aspire to a job at a tech startup.

Some advice to aspiring businessmen and businesswomen?

When it comes to having a lot of things on your plate, balance is key. Personally, I like to find a balance between my schoolwork, my businesses, my friends, and of course my family.
I think it’s important to decide what’s important to you, and to make sure you find time to dedicate to those things. Too often, I see people find an interest, become obsessed with it, dedicate too much time to it, and then end up burning out and running out of motivation far too early.

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