At 26, Kale Panoho’s perceptiveness, positivity and passion may just be more inspiring than the big stars we see on TV. An entrepreneur and a personal trainer, his voice is so genuine and his attitude so humble that you would not even guess that his first company made $140,000 in pre-sales in 14 days. He talked to Woshi about fitness, failure, and dealing with negative feedback, among other things.

Excited to meet you, Kale. What are your passions?

Yeah you too! Passions are rugby and reading.

Your proudest achievement?

Opening my own gym!

Right, and one definitive personality trait you have?

Giving more than you take.

Any funny stories you could share?

I was hired to work on an orchard and I was told that I could eat as much fruit as I liked. This was when I was 16. I ate so much fruit that the supervisor thought I was stealing and let me go!

Yeah ahaha.

So impressive! How do you use your expertise in both fitness and business to your advantage?

So health and fitness is providing a service to help improve others' lives and being empathetic whilst doing it! Business is the same if you’re empathetic with what people want.
You’re providing a service for others and if you provide the right value and the right service you can also make income from this.

Right! Also, when I get to work I sometimes neglect my health - do you have any advice for me?

Your health is your wealth. To optimise your business you should be focusing on optimising the source that drives it, which is your brain and body.

Do you think there's a key to success? I mean, what have you found, in your experience working as a startup advisor?

The awareness that you're always the person with the least knowledge in the room. If you’re consistently learning then you will have an advantage over those who believe they already know everything.

Have you ever failed?

I literally failed my way to where I am now.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

To me, it means the ability to pivot from failure to failure while learning and improving each time.

That's a great way to put it. In one of your articles, you mentioned that you value feedback. How do you deal with negative feedback?

Negative feedback has two purposes. One, it can be purely negative, in which it needs to be filtered. It may affect an idea, as people often comment on content negatively to elicit further negativity. OR, negative feedback can actually improve an idea, they’re just expressed in a non-constructive way. Use the second thought as a lens for improving your content.

Good advice! What's a current challenge you're facing?

Right now I am struggling between creating an online growth marketing business and opening a gym.

And your solution?

One is neglected if the other takes precedence, so I make sure I dedicate only one day to just one business.

Where would you like to be in 15 years?

Ideally in some form of academic research. I enjoy learning enough to want to continue it for the remainder of my life. Unfortunately I also would like more revenue than what is provided.

Right. What's something that would've helped you hugely if you'd learned it 5 years ago?

Offer more help for free to others and remove any form of ego or connotations of your own self-importance. It will make both failure and success much easier to deal with and maintain.

Pretty good advice. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

You're welcome. All the best!

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