17 year old Joey Liang achieved a perfect SAT 1600 + ESSAY 8-6-8. She talked to Woshi about challenges, passions, and quirks, books and movies, and of course, SAT. Her take on what learning means is powerful and inspirational.

Hey Joey, nice to meet you. Congratulations on your SAT! What first went through your mind when you checked CollegeBoard and saw that 1600?

Great to meet you too. I was honestly thinking, was there some kind of bug in the college board system? Or else I must be dreaming.
Also just a heads-up, this conversation is going to switch between English and Mandarin!

What's something cool about you?

I think I know nearly all kinds of ways to play with a deck of cards.
Also, when I write, I tilt the paper 90 degrees so that I’m writing pretty much writing from bottom to top. (就是我写字是90度角歪斜的。)

And something weird about you?

I only overcame my fear of fire in the last month and learnt how to use the cooker.

Wow. What's an event that has shaped you most, as a person?

Going to Guangdong Experimental Middle School. Though it might not count as a legit event, the three years in middle school really shaped who I am now. The open and inclusive atmosphere, the warm teachers, cool club activities, and numerous amazing opportunities had given me the chance to explore myself, develop myself, and grow from a super shy girl into who I am now.

学习对于你来说意味着什么?(What does learning mean for you?)


What's a social issue you're passionate about?

The big gap between rich and poor (especially in the field of education and medical technology).

你战胜过最大的挑战是什么?(What's the biggest challenge you overcame?)

The process of college application…

Sat 上花了多少时间?(How much time did you spend studying for your SATs?)


为什么要去考 SAT?
(What do you think is the point of SAT?)


Lastly, some book / movie recommendations?

Two recent movies that I loved: Hacksaw Ridge, Sully.
Books: Ready Player One, Between the World and Me, A Little Story of Philosophy.
Thanks for chatting!

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