PCE at RICHT and author of “Fail Forward Through Success: Young & Hungry Edition”, 23 year old Jesse N. Forte is also a traveller, a multi-linguist, and so much more. His conversation is filled to the brim with his good humor, realness, and of course, invaluable tips to enjoying life.

Hi Jesse! I heard you tell wonderful stories - do you mind you sharing one?

My grandma told me a story about when she was a young girl. She was fairly sick in central Mexico, she found an orange and was going to eat it. Before she started to eat the orange, a few people and family members told her not to because it was cold outside and the orange would make her even sicker. When they left, she ate the orange. It made her feel better.
Do what your gut tells you. Stay patient, plan for success and when you get a nice check, treat yourself!

Wow, that's pretty inspiring! I'd like to know a bit more about you. Which city do you call home?

Phoenix is currently home!

And how old are you?

23 years young.

Your passions?

Reading / paragliding / kickboxing / visionary thinking.

And your proudest personality trait?

Positive thinker / doer / "humility" - all traits I've learnt to appreciate.

All great traits! What's an event that has shaped you most?

I actually wrote a book on the stories that have changed my life. It’s called “Fail Forward Through Success: Young & Hungry Edition”!
This past spring I took a spontaneous trip to India in the hopes of freeing myself and working on a few innovative devices. One of the devices had to do with water purification. The other device was remodeling an invention that’s on the market to a new crowd, “parachutes on airplanes”.
I was able to meditate, meet phenomenal spirits from around the world and teach to villages, families and communities about life, English and Spanish.
This experience allowed me to be transparent about what’s really going on around the world, build my confidence to do what I believe in and stay grateful for life!

You work at RICHT, could you explain what your company does?

Our team works with the poverty stricken, those seeking education education, the homeless seeking shelter, and the hungry seeking food. In places you see on discovery channel.

What does PCE stand for?

Party Chief Executive. My direct goal is to develop the parties, activities and moments that we experience on our trips across the world, helping people, giving back and sharing the blessings I’ve been granted in life.

What inspired RICHT?

In elementary school I was inspired to travel. In 1st grade, the 6th graders had a final report where they chose a country and had to make the food of that country. All the other children were able to try a few different countries food. I remember thinking to myself, I want to try so many different cuisines around the world. My mother also worked at the Hyatt and she would bring interesting coins home from Spain, Mexico and many countries, which piqued my curiosity.
Selfishly, I wanted to travel but finding balance and helping people along the way is what felt right!

What's the most meaningful part of what you do?

I am blessed to walk into people’s lives and share my story which may help them with their struggle. I’m extremely grateful to share stories and resources with children and people trying hard to get out of the slums or make a way out of no way.

That's amazing. What's the thought that wakes you up in the morning?

My schedule wakes me up! Knowing what I want to accomplish the day, week, or month prior allows me to stay focused on the present moment and make the most of it. On top of this, I’m counting on myself to be the absolute greatest I can possibly be. My mother always mentioned leading by example was a great way to earn self-respect.

Do you usually work individually or in a team?

Most of the time, I work alone. I love working with people as well. One of my many team goals is to be as real as possible so that we can all grow. I also appreciate people who don’t just pat me on the back but also let me know, “you can definitely improve in this area.” I love feedback, it allows me to gain trust in the relationship and correct the mistakes I make.

Sounds like a great outlook. Do you have a role model in business?

I have a few people I really appreciate in the business world, Ray Lewis, Steve Case, Lewis Howes, Richard Branson, SHAQ, Jay-Z, Kanye, Stacey Ferreira, Mina Salib and many more!

Getting a bit more philosophical here; how would you define failure?

I’ve failed many times in life. I’m grateful for failure (hence my book). Looking at failure in a new way will allow you to appreciate it. Think about how lucky we are to be able to fail. Many people don’t get the opportunity. We get to at least try and learn from our mistakes, eventually succeeding and leaving the blueprint for the next person.

Wow. What about success?

Success is different to everyone but for me it means waking up amplified, knowing you are in a great state of mind, your family loves you, your friends respect you and you just kick ass every day from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them, pretending to sleep because you’re so excited to start the next day.

That's so inspiring and enthusiastic! And finally, how would you define entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship means being a loner, it means being an unorthodox version of something you believe in. It challenges the regular day to day life. Being an entrepreneur means I’m crazier than you and this idea is going to stick because it’s going to save lives, change people and help future generations.

I've really enjoyed sharing my story and thoughts, hope you've enjoyed reading them too!

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