Let’s let Claudia’s clients introduce her: “Claudia has become an integral part of our business. Her advice regularly helps to point us in the right direction and her marketing skills are exceptional…Her professionalism and passion makes her a pleasure to work with and have as part of our business.”
– Andrew and Claudia Lane

Hi Claudia! What's the service that your company, Media Connect Consultancy, provides?

Hey, we basically help businesses create a social media presence. We've worked with clients from the fashion, real estate, interior design, and education industry.

What or who is your source of motivation?

My dad. He has always focused on having a great career, but also his love of sports and his family. Probably the three most important things to me.

Any business ideas before this? How did you know it would succeed?

Nope, this was my first idea. And I definitely didn’t know that it would succeed, or even work! I just went with the flow. I was super surprised when it took off so quickly.

Straight out of high-school, how did you convince your first client of your expertise?

I was confident in myself and my ability and I think that shined through.

Did you learn the skills required, e.g. for marketing, at school or?

With what I learnt at school, the bits of business studies marketing help but it’s quite different. Taught myself with common sense, past experiences and self-directed learning e.g. books and courses.

You currently deal with all clients yourself, but are you considering expanding into a team in the future?

I’m a bit of a control freak to be honest, so it’s scary to give your work to other people and have to trust them! At the moment I have no set plans, I am just going with the flow and as it grows I will enjoy that and work the logistics out then! At the moment I enjoy working predominantly by myself, as I learn every day and am becoming more of an expert in my field.

Do you ever have moments of doubt, like am I really doing the right thing?

Oh totally, somedays I feel awesome and confident, others I doubt myself a lot. Just keep going and listening to the people around you. It’s hard being so young and having a lot of responsibility and pressure, but always one step at a time!

Yes definitely! More specifically though, as the sole decision-maker, how have you dealt with any "mistakes"?

I have made lots of mistakes. I’m still learning, and I’m quite rash i.e. I make decisions quickly which is sometimes to my detriment. Now I just slow down and think everything through, and talk to my mentors or my parents.

Is it hard staying close to high school friends who might all be uni students while you’re a founder and CEO?

Not going to lie, it’s hard. The friends who aren’t threatened or jealous will stick around, and they’re the true friends! I focus on having positive and like-minded relationships, and I make time for them.

I'm in NSW too and I think you'd remember that our HSC is so stressful. How did you balance your major work, competitive show-jumping, and other commitments?

Honestly, Year 12 was a blur!!! That probably says it all – it was a crazy time for me, and tough at times. I slept a lot, (that is super important) and I still make sure I get more at least 10 hours a night… I also plan a lot. Lists and calendars. Having down time is so important too.

Right, so what's your schedule like now?

I’ve had meetings all week and early starts, so today (Thursday), I am catching up on some of my TV shows and responding to emails etc. This year has probably been just as crazy as Year 12 to be honest, but I love it and I’m doing what I want to be doing!

Does procrastination just disappear once you officially end school and start work? How do you combat it?

God no. I still procrastinate to this day. So find out why you procrastinate and slice everything up into small chunks, which seem a lot more manageable. And write these small chunks down, and tick them off as you go. Having lists with huge fat tasks like “do English assignment” is such a motivation killer. Instead, “write English paper introduction.” Much more manageable!

In the near future, what are your plans / goals? Any corporate jobs?

Nope, no corporate job for me. If I’m not running my current business it will be another one. But definitely going with the flow as Media Connect expands, and enjoying the journey. I’m expanding a lot at the moment, so we'll see what happens! And yes, show jumping is a huge part of my life and always will be. I plan to go to the Olympics too so I train 5 days a week and compete most weekends. That won’t be stopping any time soon! Will also be basing myself overseas in Normandy soon hopefully, at least for a few months of every year to train.

Lastly - tell me why is it important for us to be our own bosses?

Because we can!!

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