Caitlin Quinn in Year 11 is a talented performer, not only as an actor, but also as a singer!

Hi Caitlin! First off, who's your role model and why?

Sutton Foster is my celebrity role model, she is such an inspiration to those in the entire world. Her talent in Musical Theatre is phenomenal and I would like to perform like her.

What's the favourite role you played? How was it meaningful to you?

My favourite role i have played is my most recent, Princess Fiona in Shrek the musical. I was inspired by costume, props, the people surrounding me in the performance and the show over all. As is every performance, it was so much fun and very meaningful.

Awesome! After playing her, what's something you've learnt and now want to tell other girls about?

Playing the role of Fiona was the most incredible thing I have ever done and playing a really comical character was so much fun. I would definitely recommend opportunities like this to other girls especially if it is up your alley! Doing shows can be a very difficult job but it helps with confidence and is so much fun.

Kind of similar - if you reflect on your younger self a bit, is there anything you wish you'd known, say in Year 7?

I would tell my Year 7 self, it’s okay to make mistakes. Trust them, if you don’t receive the role you want you have so many years and you are still so young.

Have you faced any challenges to do with performing arts? How do you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I face is the fear of doing group devised drama pieces. When speaking at the exact same time as people, or doing synchronised movements. It’s nerve-racking when you never know if you will do it correctly. When doing musical theatre is where I become most nervous, however with deep breathing it is much easier to overcome.

Yeah good on you! With theatre commitments, how do you balance everything?

Well balancing school work and social life actually is very easy. Rehearsals are after school and on weekends making it a lot easier to do everything. It is important to have this balance as I do need time to study but also to pursue my passion in acting!

Where do you see yourself and your acting in the future?

So of course in future I would love to continue in acting. After school I plan on auditioning for drama schools such as NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) or WAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) to pursue my dream, it is what I have always wanted to do and with a passion so big I think it is best I do something I know I will always love.

Thank you so much for chatting, I've learnt lots!

You're welcome!

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