At 21, programmer and entrepreneur Andrei Lyskov is keen to share his findings; he has written features for sites like Forbes, Stack Overflow, and Huffington Post, among others. He talked to me about his personal interests, his definition of entrepreneurship, and why kids should get into programming. He possesses that great ability of seeing things from different perspectives, and his story really reflects the importance of self-comprehension.

It's nice to meet you! To start off, what are some of your passions?

Hey - I'm passionate about writing, reading, chess, genomics, programming, biohacking, trans-humanism, stoic philosophy, and the history of things.

That's pretty interesting. What would you say is your defining personality trait?

Tenacity – continuing something until I get it right.

Your favourite books?

Anything on logic for programming, Richard Branson  for entrepreneurship.

I'll definitely check those out. Let's talk about coding; why should young people have a crack at programming?

1) It teaches us a specific (logical, creative) way of looking at things,
2) We learn how to break apart tasks,
3) Automating things is interesting,
4) We're speaking the language of people whom we can learn from!

Sounds pretty convincing to me! So, how would you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

Someone who builds or solves a problem that affects a lot of people. There are lots of different types of entrepreneurs, I’m particularly interested in high tech or biotech entrepreneurship.

Any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Just take action. Don’t do too much planning and everything will sort itself out.

And where do you see yourself in the future?

I’d be running a biotech company or I’d have exited and started a venture capital firm.

Thanks Andrei, it was really nice chatting to you!

Yeah, you too.

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