Patrick Lee

Talking with Patrick definitely gave me an impressive sense of ambition. Not only does he have an incredible amount of creativity, as seen through his filmmaking, he’s also started his own app, Orthly, for delivering cheaper invisible aligners. Read about his path through to university and his various achievements!

Stacey Ferreira

Stacey hardly needs an introduction (Google already does that for her very well). The Forbes 30 Under 30 young entrepreneur lives in San Francisco and is also passionate about Labor Law, Workforce Management, Technology, and Women in Tech. We guarantee that you’ll be taking away lots from talking to her.

David Pines: Appetisers in The Big Apple

Love food? Why not test your skills on a cook show, blog about your tastes, or even write a book or three? Exactly what David's been up to since he was twelve - turning that passion into an inspiration. Age: 16

Britney Li: The Make-Up of a Youtube Icon

Wait - do Youtubers ever doubt themselves? What does it feel like to put themselves in front of millions of strangers? I was surprised to learn that Briddy's confidence in expressing herself isn't something that was always natural for her. Age: 16

Pippa Kensit

At just 22, Pippa has made more difference to the world than many make in their lifetime. She travelled from Pymble to Cambodia to work in the Sunshine House Orphanage for the first time in 2010, later riding a bicycle 300 km from Pymble to her home town in country New South Wales, Crookwell. Seven Read more about Pippa Kensit[...]

Libby Cook-Black

Playing one of the most male-dominated and gender stereotyped sports can’t possibly be easy, but Libby does it with pride, passion and enthusiasm. She has set her sights high but is already achieving masses, both on the field and in advocating for equality in sports. Age: 22

4 Key Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated

For so many of us, motivation is a precious commodity and hard to come by. The idea of being productive can be so appealing, but when it comes to the time to sit down and put those ideas into action, procrastination takes over. No matter how easy it is to acknowledge we should be working, Read more about 4 Key Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated[...]

Tamara Valentine

Inspiring, Passionate and successful, Tamara Valentine is not yet finished school and is already working with one of Australia’s Top Modelling agencies. The seventeen year old Chadwick Model has had a very early start to a prosperous career, which she is currently juggling alongside her HSC.

Tanisha Fernando

Tanisha is involved with a girls’ orphanage in Sri Lanka, teaching both literacy and numeracy there. Talking with her really gave us some insight into the incredible social justice work she does and how she advocates for change. Not only does she find time to contribute to different charities and organisations in the community, she Read more about Tanisha Fernando[...]

Andrei Lyskov: Wisdom From a Programming Pro

Forbes, Quora, Huffington Post, Quora, Stack Overflow, and Startup Grind, places where you see Andrei always learning and sharing his findings. Age: 21